Welcome to our toolkit

These guidelines have been created to help guide you through the core elements that make up the Glasgow City Innovation District. We ask that you follow the rules where they exist, in all the projects that you undertake, so that consistency is built and maintained.

Download images, maps and promotional material about Glasgow City Innovation District for use to promote being part of the district. If you are looking for something specific, please do not hesitate to email info@glasgowcityinnovationdistrict.com.



Discover more about Glasgow City Innovation District from our video.  We welcome you to use this video to promote being part of the District. 

Download our Innovation District video from Vimeo. 


The logo

Our logo is comprised of two distinct elements, the symbol and the name.

Our symbol is a simple, intersection point. Glasgow City Innovation District is not confined to a specific area. The symbol represents a meeting point, where dynamic ideas, individuals and organisations can come together.

Our name is stacked in a contemporary monospaced typeface, lending the words the necessary balance of personality and innovative spirit.

Colour palette

Our brand uses a simple vibrant palette which works well in printed, digital and environmental contexts. Our primary colour palette is comprised of a core colour (GCID Purple) and secondary accent colour (GCID Orange).

Proportional usage

Purple is our core colour and should appear most prominently throughout our brand communications. However, orange and white also have a significant role, in providing contrast and clear white space respectively. It’s important to use each of our colours in the right proportion to one another. The size of the coloured panels shown opposite give some guidance for their prominence throughout the brand.

GCID purple

PMS 2597 C
CMYK 80/99/0/0
RGB 92/6/140
HEX #5C068C

GCID orange

PMS Orange 021 C
CMYK 0/65/100/0
RGB 254/80/0
HEX #FE5000


CMYK 0/0/0/0
RGB 255/255/255
HEX #ffffff