Glasgow City Council is the largest local authority in Scotland, employing just under 19,000 people to help deliver essential services to the city and its 600,000 residents. The council manages a gross annual budget of over £2.4 billion, which provides for schools, roads, libraries, museums, parks, planning, cleansing, the full range of social care for young and old and many other responsibilities.


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The University of Strathclyde is a leading international technological university based in the centre of Glasgow.

Inspired by its founding principle as ‘a place of useful learning’, its mission is to make a positive difference to the lives of its students, to society and to the world.

Strathclyde students benefit from an innovative and practical educational experience enhanced by its integration with our research capabilities, high-quality academic resources and an unparalleled industry engagement programme.

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Scottish Enterprise is Scotland's national economic development agency. We’re committed to growing the Scottish economy for the benefit of all, helping create more quality jobs and a brighter future for every region.

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Founded in 1783, Glasgow Chamber of Commerce is the oldest Chamber in the English speaking world with continuous records.

The city of Glasgow prospered during the 18th century, largely due to trade with tobacco plantations in Virginia. By the 1770s, three-quarters of all tobacco consumed in Europe was dealt with by the Virginia merchants in Glasgow. American independence ended this and Glasgow's merchants decided to pool their resources and promote their interests.

The Chamber's early priorities were to raise the quality of goods produced and to lobby the Government to lower taxes, reduce tariffs and abolish smuggling. The Chamber also fiercely opposed the East India Company's trade monopoly with India and all territories beyond the Cape.

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Entrepreneurial Scotland Foundation is an independent charity that exists to equip leaders and talent with the entrepreneurial skills, mindset and connections to create impact. 

Scotland needs entrepreneurial leaders and talent across all parts of our economy: start-ups to scale-ups, corporates to social enterprises, in government and higher education - everywhere.

Their innovative programmes provide transformative experiences, world-class teaching, peer to peer learning and access to a 5,000+ global community.


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