Foster collaboration

  • GCID events tailored to ecosystem needs.
  • GCID championing businesses within the Innovation District at partner events.
  • Collaborations with UK and international organisations.
  • Promotion of Glasgow in collaboration with Innovation District partners and associates.

Support innovation

  • Support and promote our innovation hubs:
    • South Block, Technology & Innovation Centre, Inovo, The Garment Factory, Tontine and The Met Tower.
  • Offer bespoke one-to-one support to companies based within the Innovation District.
  • Assist in the location of new innovative businesses in the District.
  • Development of industry-aligned innovation programmes.

Nurture and accelerate business growth

  • Work with our Innovation District partners and wider ecosystem collaborators.
  • Identify knowledge and talent gaps within the ecosystem.
  • Assist businesses with events and promotion.
  • Link businesses together to promote working partnerships.

Link research, academia, and industry

  • Work closely with Technology & Innovation Zone, Inovo, Technology & Innovation Centre.
  • Link student talent with businesses.
  • Promote University of Strathclyde’s unique industry-led research sectors:
    • Advanced Manufacturing, Energy, 5G, FinTech, HealthTech, Space, Quantum and Industrial Informatics.
  • Link industry with the District’s innovation ecosystem and research facilities.

Create a thriving community

  • Host industry-specific GCID events.
  • Promote businesses and informative content through our GCID channels including social channels, newsletter and our website.
  • Produce world-class talent.
  • Promote the Innovation District as a place to work or host events for external businesses.
  • Collaborate on events and support community meet-ups with partners and collaborators.

Build a self-sustaining ecosystem

  • Promote the 'live, work, play, innovate' ethos by connecting with businesses across industries.
  • Drive collaboration between businesses within the District.
  • Create an engaged and inclusive community with a thriving ecosystem of support.