Leading the way in the zero-carbon technology market

Katrick Technologies is a start-up company that develops innovative engineering technologies, designing products that will significantly reduce carbon at a lower cost than the current alternatives in this sector.

University of Strathclyde graduate Karthik Velayutham is the CEO and co-founder and started the company in 2016 with the aim of commercialising a decade worth of his research into wave and vibration energy. Katrick Technologies is based at The Garment Factory within the Glasgow City Innovation District and has made use of its location by collaborating with the university to develop a prototype for commercialisation purposes.

As a business founded within the grounds of the University of Strathclyde by Strathclyde alumni, it gives us great pride to be, not just working within the Innovation District but a commercial partner of the University.

As part of a three-way consortium, Katrick Technologies, AGS Airports & the University of Strathclyde are working together to build, test and deploy exciting wind power technologies. And it's all happening here in Glasgow's Innovation District!

Karthik Velayutham, Founder & Co-CEO Katrick

karthik velayutham, Katrick

Katrick Technologies are a fast-growth business based on a patent-protected technology platform. Their research started with the objective of designing a commercially viable wave energy device. The research revealed that up to 40% of energy is transferred into vibration when a wave hits the beach. By harnessing this energy and turning it into useable vibration Katrick can convert it to generate low carbon electricity.

Katrick’s two main products focus on wind energy and passive cooling. Their innovative, patent-protected passive cooling product will significantly reduce this businesses energy usage and carbon footprint. Their wind technology can be placed in urban and rural locations and can also provide noise barriers for roads, airports and fencing.

These products are revolutionising the way businesses think about sustainability. Passive cooling can regulate outdoor and indoor temperatures and improve air quality, ensuring a healthier and more comfortable environment to live or work in. Both passive cooling and wind energy products have huge environmental impacts such as lowering greenhouse gas emissions and helping businesses aim for net-zero. Additionally, Katrick’s patent-protected technology is leading the way in the zero-carbon market by increasing efficiency in a cost-effective way.