Building better products and stronger teams to accelerate digital transformation

AND Digital are a growing technology company that accelerate the development of digital delivery and assist global companies reach their potential by closing their digital skills gaps.

AND Digital work with well-known businesses from a variety of industries, supporting them with their digital needs. While each client is different, AND Digital create unique solutions, whether that’s short-term, focused strategic planning or a complete end-to-end digital transformation.

Their service model of ‘Guide, Build, Equip’ ensures that they offer their expertise and insight to help solve a range of digital challenges. Their philosophy is that organisations need the right people and skills within the right environment in order to thrive and grow long term. To achieve this, they transform digital delivery functions using their years of expertise and then upskill their clients’ existing team members using their digital learning academy, leaving them with the skills they need to navigate their new processes and digital technology.

As they’ve grown, AND Digital have benefited from their ‘club model’ which enables them to retain the best features of being a small local company but also have the large-scale impact of a multi-national organisation, operating in 19 locations across the UK and Netherlands. They opened their first Glasgow consultancy in George Square within the Glasgow City Innovation District in June, taking advantage of Glasgow’s growing technology ecosystem and the up-and-coming fintech companies within the area.

We have already established some great relationships within the district and are well positioned to build on this throughout the year. We are continuing to recruit to work with our growing client base and we are expecting to reach our target of 100 ANDis by the middle of the year.

That’s great news for the local economy and ensuring that Glasgow is able to retain and develop local talent going forward.

Peter Dale, Club Executive

And Digital, Case Study, Peter Dale

Digital transformation can drastically change the way we view a business and can ensure a smoother and improved customer experience or provide valuable data-driven insight into customer habits. AND Digital have successfully assisted many global companies such as British Airways, Premier Inn and Gousto with their unique digital technology challenges. The results have seen benefits such as increased conversion rates, improved user experience and increased profit margin by reducing costs.