Hello and a very warm welcome to our latest blog.  

Glasgow City Innovation District is one of three Innovations Districts within Glasgow – such is the breadth of skills, talents and diversity of Glasgow.  But what exactly is an Innovation District, what does this mean to local businesses and how does it benefit Glaswegians?

Innovation Districts are defined zones in cities where public and private partners work together to attract entrepreneurs, start-ups, business incubators and others with the aim of assisting and transforming under-utilized areas.  Our more creative institutions, firms and worker crave proximity so that ideas and knowledge can be transferred more quickly and seamlessly and Innovation Districts have the unique potential to encourage and deliver productive, inclusive and sustainable economic development.  They can assist in providing a strong foundation for the creation and expansion of both firms and jobs by helping companies and entrepreneurs, universities, researchers and investors to collaborate and bring new discoveries to market. 

Group of colleagues collaborating

Innovation Districts are described as the ultimate mash-up of entrepreneurs and educational institutes, start-ups and schools, mixed-use developments and medical innovations, bike-sharing and bankable investments – all connected by transit, powered by clean energy, wired by digital technology and fuelled by caffeine. 

This is all happening within the district – although interactions are taking place digitally, over Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype or whatever your platform of choice is!   But it is happening and there definitely is a buzz building around the district – and it being the place to be. 

University of Strathclyde sign

Over the first few blogs, we have explored some of the physical assets we have within the district.  Today, I thought I would give you an insight into some of the areas of expertise the University of Strathclyde is heavily involved in and which has resulted in a number of businesses wanting to relocate into Glasgow and co-locate in order to work more closely with the university and other surrounding businesses. It is useful to know what is happening on your doorstep – and if something is of interest to you, please do get in touch.

As some of you may already know, the University of Strathclyde is renowned as “the place of useful learning” and together with our partners, are at the forefront of international research and development in their strategic themes.  In addition to this, the University is increasing its research intensity and quality and its renowned research strengths are complemented by the formation of six Clusters of research capability and innovation focussing on 5G, FinTech, HealthTech, Industrial Informatics, Quantum and Space.  We'll be bringing you more information on these in the new year.