Entrepreneurs think differently. If you’re an entrepreneur, you may have noticed this about yourself. If you know entrepreneurs, you may have observed this. Thinking differently is vital in order to create opportunities for growth and for some entrepreneurs, learning how to think differently might just be the key to unlocking their business potential.

As space is a key sector within Glasgow City Innovation District and forms part of the Technology & Innovation Zone development, we are delighted to share some news about a new business accelerator programme being delivered by the University of Strathclyde and Entrepreneurial Spark on behalf of the UK Space Agency (UKSA). This ambitious programme has been designed to help business leaders and founders exploit the opportunities available within the space sector. What makes this programme unique is its strong focus on helping entrepreneurs develop a growth mindset, a topic which might not normally be prioritised in the space sector.

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The space to unlock growth

Now, more than ever, entrepreneurs must harness their mindset if they are to succeed and push through these challenging times. Doing so creates opportunities for businesses to grow. The most successful business leaders share a certain mindset, one that enables them to take calculated risks and overcome fear, doubt and failure. Entrepreneurial Spark has a strong track record in helping innovative businesses build sustainable growth. A remarkable 87% of start-ups that have been through one of their accelerators are still trading– well above the national average of 50%.

Exploring fixed and growth mindsets, uncovering common thinking errors and how they happen, their effect on your productivity will all support your understanding of how you can overcome these obstacles through unlocking and developing your own entrepreneurial mindset.


What to expect

The definition of an “accelerator” is a person or a thing that causes something to happen more quickly. An entrepreneurial accelerator is no different! When starting or growing your business you need to maximise your time and your resources, so you can’t afford to waste a minute… or a pound. The UKSA programme is designed to help you strengthen and understand your business and leadership abilities to enable you faster progress by focussing on the right entrepreneurial behaviours at the right time.

Unlike traditional accelerators, there is no cost to attend the UKSA programmes. The only cost is your engagement, progress and interaction and support of your fellow entrepreneurs. The Business Horizons programme is a series of eight weekly broadcast events focused around a specific theme in the business of Space each week. All of the themes have been designed to help you develop and progress as a leader and as a business in the Space industry.

Find out more about each immersive event, as well as the support available to your business. 

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